Barad Ruld Dread Song

RegionIce Cap
AliasDread Song

Barad Ruld is a bay on the northern edge of the Brucrumus mainland. It is the endpoint for the river Eldorien as its waters merge with the Sea of Nautrek.

Barad Ruld is Giant for Dread Song. It was thus named for the witch merfolk and their harpy lackeys that have long prowled it waters. In the Horgon Era, the giant-led empire C√Ľngin-Zar sought lands east of the river Eldorien. At first, they used barges to move settlers, soldiers, and supplies across the bay. They suffered badly from harpy charms and the witches command of the seas and the creatures in it. They eventually built the great Svarmaer bridge to bypass this problem.

In the Second Epoch, the bay began seeing a lot more traffic. These were warships and commercial ships of nearby powers and those from far away. The amount of traffic coming through led to joint efforts to keep trade flowing. This led to the creation of artificial islands with defenders trained to meet magical charms and having counters to druidic magic. By the Third Epoch, the area's harpies and merfolk had come into civilization, trading with those they once preyed upon.