Ikhen - Lirgaza

RegionLands of Purity

Ikhen is a great bog of Hadraniel's eastern tracts. Around the middle of the Horgon Era, an ancient dragon held sway over this area and for great distances beyond. This was Ikhenholmbrac, exceptionally intelligent for a black dragon, and having survived the ages by smarts, guile and longevity elixirs. Ikhenholmbrac base was a city buoyed by shambog, floating or guided across the great swamp along great canals and rivers. Those on the receiving end of Ikhenholmbrac's minions, jokingly referred to as the Sailing Hoard.

The source for most of the bog's water is the highlands of Urkthal and seasonal flooding from the river Faldelmar. Ikhen is home to dozens of Viidostor tribes, yuan-ti based out of the Sailing Hoard, and plagued by hydras and basilisks. The swamp's southern parts are prowled by harpies, griffons, will-o-wisps, crimson deaths, and other terrors.

The Ikhen bounds the eastern edges of the Urkthal mountains and borders two seas. For ages it was impassable terrain for most, with only the scaly peoples unhindered. It is because of this that trade between the Lands of Purity and Hells Womb either goes by sea or by the Sorrow Road.

Notable Areas