Everburn Sash

Typeceremonial sash
Locationleader of Ag Envok

The Everburn Sash was a ceremonial sash worn by Zeymah'kein's Dragon Lords. It only came out in the ceremonies surrounding one becoming the empire's leader. After that, the Everburn Sash, representing the wearer's eternal reign, was put way in a vault until the next usurper came along. In 1600 HE, with her capital sacked, Zeymah'kein crumbled. Though much-sought after, the Everburn Sash was never found by Mir'piamauza's secret police. It remained lost until late in the First Epoch, becoming a permanent trapping of Menkentat, founder of the empire Ag Envok, and its first dragon lord. He wore the Everburn Sash daily. Bolstered by way of Ares's followers, it is said to have strong offensive and defensive magic. Before, under Zeymah'kein's dragon lords, it had only novice magic on it, stuff to keep it clean and resist wear, now it was bolstered with magical defenses for the wearer and an array of offensive powers.