Bruh Donin Fog Blanket

RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasFog Blanket
MapKrein Jusk

Bruh Donin is a valley between the eastern edge of Maar Gosvah and Bruh Gevul. This valley is covered by a magical, perpetual fog. This fog, dense in some areas, thin in others, was created when the Foghorn of Talos was shattered. This happened in the 10th Siege of Bruh Gevul; one of the great battles of the First Dragon Wake (9251 GE - 9269 GE) pittying the armies of Tiamat against those of Bahamut. As in previous attempts to take Bruh Gevul, the attackers were driven back from deadly missile fire. A fire giant warlock, one that had reputably learned his demon arts under Orcus, came up with the idea of using a new ritual spell to release all the magic of the Foghorn at once. After completing the ritual, and sacrificing a captured gold dragon, the warlock had his strongest giant, a half-son of Surtur, shatter the Foghorn under the Heel of Geb. This device itself was as powerful as the Foghorn, for it was the first mattock of the titans and had been used in the rebuilding of parts of Suldaan Mithil. When the Foghorn of Talos was broken, a fog swept the valley. The Heel of Geb was either destroyed or teleported away, and the half-son of Surtur was killed in the magical explosion. The magical fog expanded to fill the entire valley and ended up providing the cover the attackers needed to take the place. The forces of Tiamat only held the place for several months before they were recalled to help defend against the enemy armies converging on Gelok Himdah.

The Bruh Passage, a well-travelled road leading through Bruh Donin towards Bruh Gevul is very dangerous to travel by night. During the dark hours, beasts and undead from Maar Gosvah roam far and wide and occasionally make it as far as the road. In the day time, centaur rangers out of Corungrall patrol the fog, hunting for game and dispatching hostiles.

Notable Areas