Hloding begins atop the sky-island Gurnskolf. Long before they had sky ships, the giants of Gurnskolf used a forest of vines, the Kernsking Koils, as a means to come down from their cloud masked island. Down below on the surface, they raided and plundered the lowlanders, and eventually created the empire Aslauthroa. A nation that would dominate those around them, masters of most of what the Khazarkar Empire controls today, the region Cinazan, and even more territory underground, in the dark region Faeglor.

This road is a major one, and the oldest, built to facilitate getting from Gurnskolf to the lands below it. Before they carved it and shaped the vines, Gurnskolf raiders had to climb or walk down often precarious footing. After decades of seeing friends fall, including one of their kings, they began road building.

Hloding starts south of Griddrir, in a mountain pass leading through the upper Kernsking mountains and then down through a forest of vines to another mountain pass in lower Kernsking (upper being the mountains atop Gurnskolf, and lower are those on the surface along the southeastern edge of Basskaff).