Diamond Pit


The Branchard hills are doted with numerous active, dead, or abandoned mines. One of these mines is called the Diamond Pit. It is a deep mine with a central shaft, 50' in diameter and descending 500' into the bowels of the Underdark. The mining tunnels are accessed via an elevator. The local Githirmil miners abandoned the mine after opening Shaft 26. This tunnel opens to a vast cavern housing a fungal swamp, deadly fungi, and most dreadful of all, the former lair of a shadow dragon. The wyrm slew all the miners and devastated the mining towns for miles in every direction.

In the Year 1802, Crimson Eye, Inc. moved into the area and took control of Branchard, and renewed mining efforts at the Diamond Pit. They too suffered set-backs and in the end worked out a deal with this shadow dragon named Torfillifius. In return for humanoid sacrifices and a cut of the mining products, the beast would not attack the mining operations and would aid Crimson Eye, Inc. against any Underdark menaces. The dragon has since left the area, but Shaft 26 is still closed off due to its connection with passages leading into the Underdark.

The terrors of Spirit Crypt were barely behind us, when news of a new beast was heard in the Branchard hills. The news was of the stirring of an ancient shadow dragon in the deepest reaches of Diamond Pit.

Crimson Eye, Inc. learned that the beast could be placated with loot and sacrifices. This rumor was brought forward by the denizens of the neighboring ogre and hobgoblin towns which we had recently subjugated.

Nox came upon the idea that it was time to get rid of the cowards and the weak in the group. Crimson Eye, the loyal members that is, secured the cowards in the group, bound them tightly, loaded them down with loot and some of the less powerful magic items, and lowered them down into a great chasm at the heart of Diamond Pit.

Lil-Co and Nequine were the sacrifices, Nox stated "cowards should die an ignominious death". Nequine was muzzled like a dog, so that his foul breath would not anger Torfillifius.

The rope was lowered and an hour later raised back up, the wyrm having hungrily devoured the victim, biting him in two, but apparently not liking the taste of the meal, left the upper torso on the rope. Torfillifius showed his disdain of him by urinating on his remaining torso.

- Junkel, council member of Crimson Eye, Inc., "Tavern Tale"

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