Tail of Golruwyrm

Molten Pools Golruwyrm
CategoryUnderdark Locales
RegionImgangreth, Miryeril, Faeglor
MapTail of Golruwyrm Gold Vein

The Tail of Golruwyrm is a gold vein that begins along the western cliffs of Diiv Prok. In this area, near the surface, all the gold has been mined. After a few miles into the mine, more gold is found along a seam that crosses three regions, Imgangreth, Miryeril and into Faeglor where it ends at Zarag-Gûn. The main vein has been exploited in many areas but large untapped tracts still exist. These parts are generally in hard to reach areas or falling in the territory of some one.

Some legends say that the Tail of Golruwyrm was produced when the great dragon Golruwyrm perished at Stafknir Hrerbjof - better known today as the Sands of Hell. One version of the story is that the gold vein was her great treasure hoard, fused together when she went out in a blaze of glory.

One of the holds built along the Tail of Golruwyrm and mined by its people is Sigatharkin. This citadel was built by the Mîmêk to protect the advancing mines tapping this legendary rich vein. This gold seam proved so rich that the Mîmêk have been tapping it for a thousand years, leaving a string of settlements and fortresses in their wake. They followed it intermittently from Diiv Prok all the way into Zarag-Gûn where it ends.

In Chaexidor, there is a area of high heat where the gold flows like liquid. This area is the Molten Pools of Golruwyrm. It is the territory of salamanders which attack anyone getting near their gold.

Notable Areas