Diiv Prok Wyrm Arch

Diiv Prok
RegionGrashakh, Miradelgûn
AliasWyrm Arch
MapDiiv Prok Ridge

Diiv Prok is a looming ridge separating the blistering storms of the Sands of Hell from the verdant lands of Durgat. The cliffs are five hundred to a thousand feet over the desert and are in no way natural. They were created in the Creation War when the the legendary dragon Golruwyrm died here battling a primordial army. She took on an entire primordial army and two primordial lords, Buldapulax and Kurrolath. Those that she did not kill, were blasted into nothingness when she died, her last breath a storm of blistering sand that if it did not burn you to death, ripped your flesh off and then reduced your bones to powder. Her death resulted in a cliff wall resembling the back of a towering dragon. This cliff is not hundreds of feet long, but hundreds of miles long, yet the size of Golruwyrm was no where near as large as the cliffs. One Plaque of Aphalur says that Bruh Kreniik had some doing in making it an unimaginably large memorial for his fallen daughter.

The Tail of Golruwyrm begins along the western cliffs of this area. This gold vein, now expended on the surface, goes into the Underdark crossing Imgangreth, Miryeril and into Faeglor where it ends at Zarag-Gûn.