Rônnahar Carapace Wastes

Type 6E Swarmer
RegionAzrik, Gulimbor, Hive
AliasCarapace Wastes
MapRônnahar Desert

Rônnahar is a desert wasteland south of Siganbul. The area is sometimes referred to as the Carapace Wastes for the countless Hive Husks littering the landscape. Periodically, hive swarms move across this wasteland on their way north. If they make it across this desert, they move into Azrik or Gulimbor. To enter the lands of Azrik from the south, they have to make it pass a chain of Bug Obliterators along Ba'lith's southern borders.

On approach of the towers, the bugs, some small, and some towering behemoths, begin to feel the tower's sound waves. They continue, seemingly mindless of the pain, and are ripped apart by the devastating sound of the Bug Obliterators. Their husks, limbs, and mandibles litter the wastes of Rônnahar and the slopes of Siganbul. Tomorrow, we will send out work parties to gather the insect carapaces.

- Balêth, minotaur smith - "Carapace Armor Ingredients"

Notable Resources