Blibdoolpoolp Bosom


Blibdoolpoolp Bosom is an Underdark lake of Chaexidor. In the God Era, this lake along with a vast stretch of "breathing room" around it were claimed by Blibdoolpoolp. The deep waters of the lake would serve as the home of the first kuo-toan civilization of the world Bal-Kriav.

In this lake are two swirling vortexes that in the God Era were gurgling pools of entropic energy. Blibdoolpoolp used these to transform grimlock captives into kuo-toans; creating a lasting enmity with Tarâk. Today, these pools, collectively called the Toadoolp Twists, look like whirlpools and serve as intra-world rifts linking this lake with the lakes Cthorgo and Arkan-Ragûm.

On 19 Dreamer 9480 GE, Blibdoolpoolp left the mortal sytems to become a Higher Power. A year later, the kuo-toan progeny she left behind in sector Chaexidor founded the Âkhi empire. This empire has spread in all directions by using the Toadoolp Twists.

Notable Areas