Lances Of Merioss

Lances of Merioss
RegionLands of Purity
HeadquartersHoly Sanctum
Alignmentlawful good
Deitiessee below
Symbolray of sunlight becoming a lance
FounderGeneral Brac Manjular
EnemiesKal-Oni Empire, Council of Bile, Black Tide of Thasmudyan
Established5 Hollow 1044
Disbanded14 Dreamer 1486

The Lances of Merioss was formed during the reign of the Farinteen Empire. It comprised five knightly orders that coordinated their efforts in the battle against evil. Their headquarters was Holy Sanctum.

In 1260, the Lances of Merioss joined the Gwaeldior Alliance with the goal of overthrowing the Kal-Oni Empire.

In 1267, the Pitch Bone Legion moved northeast from the ruins of the Kal-Oni Empire and headed towards the forests of Gwaeldior. The Lances of Merioss defeated this undead horde in the Battle of Mynzuth.

The Sun Knights were bitter enemies with the evil knightly orders of the Council of Bile. During the annual Knights Cross tournament, arch-enemies of the good and evil orders would square off in matches that frequently fell under the category of "Death Matches".

The Lances of Merioss was the oldest knightly order of the Lands of Purity. It was disbanded in the 1486 after internal feuding among its member orders. The theme of this internecine conflict was who, which order, held responsibility for the collapse of the battlefront at Hlophar-Maur and the subsequent fall of Holy Sanctum. The knightly orders separated and went their ways to battle out the forces of evil on their own. A period of more than four hundred years of unification had ended over knightly pride and honor.

When the Council of Bile learned of the break-up of the Lances of Merioss, the Orders of War lowered their flags to half-staff, and some vowed to avenge their honor.

- excerpt from the book Knightly Virtues - "Honoring the Honorable"

Lances of Merioss
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