RegionGreat Expanse, High Wood Country

The Ormartheon tribe have roamed the Great Expanse and High Wood Country for thousands of years. Like most of Brucrumus's lizardfolk, they have origins in the marshes of Kagarr. The history of the tribe is lurid and long with it marked in rune stones scattered across two regions and passed down by word of mouth.

In the Horgon Era, the Ormartheon were forced out of Kagarr by another lizardfolk people called the Viidostor. They splintered, with one group settling in the High Wood Country. When the elves started colonizing this region, they were again on the move. The largest permanent camp of the tribe is in Neithreth. This place is held largely for the purposes of trade. The majority of the Ormartheon are far ranging nomadic people. Most do not remain in any one area for more than a year. They have a number of areas in the deep swamps of the Great Expanse that serve as permanent settlements for the old and infirm. In the great depths of Calantar, they have ancient subterranean holds that are re-inhabited when passing through an area.

The warforged of Helmogorn and the elves of Spirachiln are the biggest threats to the tribe. This is because the warforged and the elves are common targets for lizardfolk slavers. The elves and warforged also see the nomadic movements of the lizardfolk through their territory as trespassing, even though the lizardfolk have been making these treks through these areas for thousands of years before either of those peoples came to live there.

Most Ormartheon pay homage to Tiamat and a small percent revere Demogorgon.

Ancestry Trait
Endurance as feat