Bloodtusk Bay


Bloodtusk Bay is on the western coasts of Ma'Ohari. The largest port on this bay is Tâchumâz. Since its founding in 1020, the city's sheltered harbor has served as one of Ma'Ohari's great sea ports. It has seen much conflict, littering the bay's seabed with sunken hulks and innumerable bones. The most recent conflict, said to have crowded the sea bottom with wrecks, was the Battle of Bloodtusk Bay (1800) . In this great sea battle, an undead admiral named Jairall Bloodtusk, perhaps out of over-confidence, found his fleet bottled up in the bay. This undead admiral went down with his death ships, joining the wreckage of a bay named not after him, but for the many conflicts fought here between the horned peoples of Ivory Asylum, and those of the Ba'lith Empire.

There are diving companies in Tâchumâz that continually scour the sunken hulks and sea bottom for booty. This is very dangerous work, undead roam the sea bottom, and with all the places to hide, there are an abundance of normal marine life as well as large predatory sea creatures and monsters.

Notable Areas