RegionTribe Steppes

Grern is a gnarly forest on the southeastern edge of the Tamoroc Steppe. It is an eerie place of strange lights, normal things and terrible ones like will-o-wisps. The forest floor is often masked in a purplish vapor. Named the Wisps of Grern, this vapor comes from a noxious, yet tasty moss that grows on the forest's Tashmar.

The Jara, the bloodthirsty centaurs of the region, generally avoid this forest. They only go in when they need Tashmar for the making of their Jara Bows.

Grern is home to night-hunter bats, Blighters, nightshades, vampire moss and many different types of predatory plants. It also home to dozen of Tungesti tribes. Numbering nearly 20,000, they are more brutal and barbaric than their brothers in the Lands of Purity. Many of the Tungesti's shamans and druids study magic focusing on shaping vegetation, for breaking the charge of the Jara raiders, strangling intruders, or animating them with the striking power of a Treant.

Notable Resources