RegionTribe Steppes

Grern lies in the Tamoroc steppe. This gnarled forest is eerie and dark, with clouds of low lying purplish vapor covering vast tracts of the forest floor. This vapor, the Wisps of Grern, comes from a noxious, yet tasty moss growing on tashmars. The Tashmar tree is a type of elm that has become tainted from the salty, otherworldly waters spilling out of Iringrith.

During the summer, the thick canopy of the Tashmars and others trees will block most sunlight from reaching the vapors or the forest floor. This creates a shadowy and dark area advantageous to those accustomed to such conditions.

Tribe Steppes is home to the Jara. These bloodthirsty centaurs generally avoid this place except when they need Tashmar for making weapons. In addition to the jara, travelers must also be wary of numerous night-hunter bats, nightshades, vampire moss, and a host of other predatory plants.

Several dozen Tungesti tribes make their homes in Grern. They number close to 20,000 and are said to be even more brutal and barbaric than their brothers in the Lands of Purity. Many of the Tungesti's shamans and druids study magic focusing on manipulating vegetation to slow the advance of the Jara, strangle intruders, or animate and add the striking power of a treant to their defense. Tungesti ambush prey and their enemies from cover of the Wisps of Grern.

Grern is also home to a large number of renegade druids. Most of them are Dark Nature practitioners. They are said to be corrupted by Iringrith's tainted waters. Many of the people of this area are followers of Melrith.

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