Guthnimor's Finest
RegionLands of Purity

Urkthal is a mountain range of southeastern Hadraniel. Tall, snow covered in the north, these spires form the western flank of the Gathargûl valley. They begin ten miles inland from Galathien's shores, then stretch south for 120 miles to the edge of the Iken swamp.

This mountain range was named after a powerful Tungesti chieftain of the Lith-Crillion Era. Little history is known of this character except that Tungesti legends claim that he ruled all the lands for as far as the eye could see from the highest point of these mountains.

Today, Urkthal is just as wild as it was thousands of years ago when only several thousand humanoids existed in the area. It is home to Tungesti tribes, orcs, goblins, and hill giants. The only civilizing force in the area is Guthnimor, a dwarven citadel near the range's southern tip.