Lair of Sebgult

RegionAerie of Dragons
MapEnkii Jusk

The Lair of Sebgult is an active volcano of Kii Nev. The volcano frequently spews lava down its southwestern slopes. Most of the lava ends up in a large lava lake called Kirmiel. During exceptionally strong eruptions, lava flows east where it is guided through canals through and under the city Ag Staaz and then into Morwuld Briin. As such, the landmass of the area has grown considerably over the last 200 years. Salamanders and fire giants roam the deadly wastes of this area. The air of Sebgult is toxic to creatures not native to such environments. Sebgult is territory of the Thashangriel.

This area was named for an ancient red dragon named Sebgult; rumored to still sleep in the bowels of the surrounding volcano. Like clockwork, this creature comes forth every 350 years. Its reign of destruction is so great that all in the surrounding lands go into hiding. In 1172, Sebgult destroyed the Shounejo city Utoto.

In the bowels of the volcano are numerous salamanders, Fyrreid and other fiery creatures. In 351, Sebgult's salamanders founded the settlement of Ag Staaz.