Karns Table


Karns Table is an unnatural shaped plateau in the southern reaches of Dulpathâra. The plateau is named in honor of General Karn, a powerful angel that led the 16th Legion of Ares.

Karns Table is a towering plateau dotted with spires of rock and tracts of rivers. It is a windy place, 500' to 1000' above the valleys floors around it. The rivers flowing along Karns Table are partially natural. Most of the water that flows in them is the essence of the primordial Tydal. In the Creation War, Tydal was pierced three times by the Lance of Suffering. This weapon caused her to continuously drain ("bleed out"). These wounds weakened her to such a state that she was captured by the 16th Legion of Ares and taken on Bal-Kriav's orders to Dulpathâra and imprisoned inside a plateau.

The entrance into her Tydal's prison is at the north central part of Karns Table, at a place called Tydals Safe.