Hokzii Stov Demon Boots

RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasesDemon Boots
MapEnkii Jusk

Hokzii Stov is a mountain range of Enkii Jusk. These mountains do not follow a normal geological pattern. One area legend says that the mountain range was shaped by divine powers. The real truth is that it suffered a long exposure to the Chaos Malestrom.

The mountain range holds many Bael Turath ruins. These mountain redoubts were often the home and labs of Piamauza wizards. The diabolic nature of the Piamauza led to the summoning of devils and other fiendish aid from beyond the Mortal Systems.

Today, parts of these mountains are homes to aarakocra and Talaxans. The mountain passes and even the lofty abodes of these winged humanoids are periodically assaulted by the Thashangriel. Many stone giants and some eldritch giants also dwell in these mountains. The stone giants are often employed by nearby empires due to their expertise in working stone and engineering. The eldritch giants, with a lifespan of nearly 3,000 years, have been in Enkii Jusk for longer than anyone can remember. They are known as the Thraedli. Bael Turath wizards learned a lot of their dark arts from these giants. It is widely believed that Bael Truath fell from the Thraedli's "gifts". Today, it is a very rare occurrence to encounter one these mighty giants. They spend a great deal of their time in secret retreats deep in the mountains.

Hokzii Stov is pocked with numerous active and abandoned mines. Most of these are sources of vast amounts of adamantine and gold. As a result, the Thashangriel have an interest in taking and holding the area for its riches. On the other hand, Tulukhan seeks to keep the highlands out of the hands of the evil doers.

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