Hokzii Stov Demon Boots

RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasesDemon Boots
MapEnkii Jusk

Hokzii Stov is a mountain range of Enkii Jusk. These mountains do not follow a normal geological pattern. One area legend says that the mountain range was shaped by divine powers. The real truth is that it suffered a long exposure to the Chaos Malestrom.

The mountain range holds many Mir'piamauza ruins. These mountain redoubts were often the home and labs of Piamauza wizards working for the government's military.

Hokzii Stov is home to Arakocra, Talaxans, Rakshasa, eldritch giants and other peoples. The red dragon emperors of Thashangriel have long sought the area's riches. These include an abundance of fruits and fields of rich volcanic soil overflowing with produce.

The area's eldritch giants, with lifespans nearing 3,000 years, have been in these highlands longer than anyone else. Known as the Thraedli, they taught Mir'piamauza's arcanists and witches much about the dark arts and schooled them in the arcane arts. Some say, they taught the Mir'piamauza things that based on the Piamauza mindset, would be their undoing.

Hokzii Stov is pocked with numerous active and abandoned mines. Most of these are sources of vast amounts of adamantine and gold.

Notable Areas
Notable Resources
  • Adamantine
  • Gold