North of the Khazarkar capital city Nibar-Pharân are the pillar-like spires of the Izgarrêth mountain range. The area's iron, platinum, tin, and gemstones is the sole reason for Nibar-Pharân being built atop the Khirrêth plateau. The defensive bulwark offered by the peaks and this high plateau made the area nearly impregnable to attack. This was important for at the time of Nibar-Pharân's founding, the Khazarkars were rebuilding their empire and quite vulnerable to Skegjold's hostile elements.

One of the most visited areas of Izgarrêth is Sets Grandeur. This slender peak is carved by toil and magic into the likeness of the head and bust of the god Set. A grand bridge and aqueduct spans five miles from Sets Grandeur to the back gates of Nibar-Pharân. The Khazarkar Empire has been busy carving a vast complex within Sets Grandeur. This place will probably be used for religious study.

North of Izgarrêth is the evergreen forested valley Sahurrigath and the cold bay Sistix. The mountains keep most of these area's perpetual fog from enveloping the plateau Khirrêth.

Long before the arrival of the Khazarkar to this area, another empire ruled these mountains and surrounding lowlands. This empire was Draguron. Most of their holds are now ruins, havens to undead and beasts.

Izgarrêth has a lot of platinum and iron mines. The platinum veins in these mines have a higher than normal number of bloodstones. The royal mint, a currency unique to the Khazarkar Empire, is made with these bloodstones.

Notable Areas
  • Sets Grandeur
Notable Resources
  • Bloodstones