Nânê Kanô Mob Suppressor

Typemagical device
AliasMob Suppressor, Bird Cage of Eydreid, Cage of Madness
ForgeBrain Forge (Aggda)

Nânê Kanô, Nidurrâb words meaning “mob suppressor? was built by the weapon masters of Aggda. It was deployed to areas where the Lith-Crillion battled mind flayers:

... suppressing and draining the psychic energy of all hostiles in sight and beyond.

A powerful device limited in mobility, it was moved about by the device's internal levitation and towing. After the illithid learned their place, the device became a non-lethal means for handling unruly natives.

Built in the Brain Forge of Aggda, the Nânê Kanô is made of Whiteblood Crystal. Shaped like an ornate bird cage, it is ten feet tall with a 5' diameter base tapering to a 1' diameter sphere of deep crystal. At the very top is a loop of deep rock. At the bottom of the cage, the bars are two inches apart.

Sometime in the Horgon Era, the Nânê Kanô was found in the ruins of Eydreid. Its owner used it to devour the mental energy of many foes, and those that wandered into its lair. It became known as the Cage of Madness, turning victims helpless, their minds reduced to a vegetable state. Driven by an unquenchable desire to suppress psychic energy, it drains the intellect of any that get near it.