Fallen Dryad
RegionHigh Wood Country

The evil fey of this forest are best known for creating the undead treant. An orcwart named Var'lotrius was behind the experiments that led to captured treants being stripped of their Life Energy. With the help of Eldacil's Vine, Var'lotrius pumped in its Negative Energy replacement. This was not enough to raise the subject as an undead. It also required components like those used in a spell. Var'lotrius had to use faerie dust and Dark Nature Energy for each treant. No normal faerie dust would work, it had to come from sprites with little or no Unholy Energy. Up until the last century of the Horgon Era, Gambriath was the major source of the dust. Today, the undead treants of the area go through the same process. This often requires long treks to lands with sprites or hiring out those to do the dirty work.

Vaharmane is home to fey corrupted by long exposure to the forest's Dark Nature.

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