RegionDhark Bolg, Ma'Ohari

Lunaer is a narrow, but long canyon in the southeastern corner of Tha'lith. It is perpetually covered in clouds of steam from water meeting lava and heat from below. The streams and small waterways cascading into Lunaer fall into the deeps of Tiyaphis where they meet a lava channel coming off Surturs Eyebrow.

Before the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203), the canyon was a source of rare fruit that only grows in very warm and humid conditions. This fruit is the Lunaer Teardrop which is so nutritious and filling that one of these supplies the daily food needs for your average Tragaran. After the settlements of the Broken Lands were abandoned, Lunaer was nearly forgotten. A century after the cataclysm, the area was re-discovered by resource seekers out of Goth-Dyvermoir. This empire stakes claim to this area, yet only have a tenuous hold. This is because magical aberrations of the Gulimbor Cataclysm still roam the Broken Lands and much of Gulimbor and can sometimes be so powerful as to magically lay waste to large forces.

The other danger of Lunaer is sometimes the bounty that it produces. The waves of arcane energy that came from the cataclysm caused some of the vines clasping the Lunaer Teardrops to become sentient. They are not predatory, instead defending themselves from "pickers" seeking to harvest not only the fruit they hold but that of non-sentient vines around them. These sentient plants are capably of unleashing an assortment of low-level arcane spells. Fortunatetly for pickers, these defending plants do not work together, allowing a section to be harvested once the bothersome plant has been neutralized.