Glumgard (south) - Inirthak
MapGlumgard River

The headwaters of the Glumgard River begin at the southeastern edge of Droonesh. From this dreary wetland the river takes a southerly course across the Hangath Forest and then down the Bileddanul's central valley. After passing through this mountain vale and its Gimhak ruins, the river enters the Morath Forest. Beyond this it passes the Orchish river city of Kotharlarg then south through the grasslands of Knur Slagming. It ends where it merges with the Dargirth River.

To make Kotharlarg a viable port for deep draft ships, dredging is done manually and magically. For the latter, this is mostly summoned water elementals. Over the centuries, hundreds have escaped. Some elude their bounty seekers, making their home in the section of the river flowing through Bileddanul.

Notable Areas