Founded29 Hollow 253 HE

Arnogrygg was built by the Titan Empire of Hofthorm. It started as a hunting lodge for the dukes, princes and royal family of Hofthorm. The fire giants hunted the many dragons and wyverns roosting in the peaks of Tanâs-Bânar. They also made forays into Kazrâ to hunt colossal sandworms, monstrous scorpions and other desert behemoths.

The place grew to be a fort and then a citadel during the conflict with the frost giants of Glangveif. The city was home to both fire giants, orcs and goblins. The orcs and goblins were native to Tanâs-Bânar and fought the giants for decades before they were subjugated by the armies of Hofthorm. When the kingdom broke-up, the orcs and goblins ganged up on the giants at Arnogrygg and took over the city. They dwelled here for hundreds of years after the fall of Hofthorm. During this period, the city was a filthy and lawless place. As the Khazarkar Empire's territorial ambitions spread into the area, they warred with Arnogrygg. In the Year 1390, the place fell to the Batthurâk. The orcs and goblins fled through tunnels leading into Tanâs-Bânar. Today, these orcs and goblins are scattered across the highlands and continue to raid the lowlands surrounding them.

When the place was ruled by the fire giants, the forges of Arnogrygg were used produce the highest quality weapons for the Hofthorm military. Some of these weapons were blessed ( by giving them magic) by Surtur.

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