Founded29 Hollow 253 HE

In the Horgon Era, eggs and birds of Throa Sveid found their way to the tables of the Hofthorm Monarchy. Clever marketing made them delicacies, their marketers got rich. In 253 HE, the nesting cliffs of Throa Sveid, the name of fair prices and public good, were taken over by the state. Arnogrygg was founded as claim to this land. It began as a hunting lodge for the dukes, princes and royal family. All fire giants, they hunted the area's avian and collected the eggs, making big profits like their previous owners.

When Arnogrygg was built, Throa Sveid was a large bay flanked by towering cliffs. Conflict with their icy brothers of the south, the Glangveif, turned lodge to fort, then to citadel. It was home to fire giants, hobgoblins, and bullywug. The latter, natives of Throa Sveid's marshy coasts, competitors for the area's game, were a subjugated people. Under the boot of the fire giants, the bullywug population was kept manageable so as not interfere with the delicacies of the cliffs.

When King Hlimi died, the Hofthorm Monarchy (145 HE - 101) was split up by his five sons, the Princes of Hlimi. The Prince of Arnogrygg, a drunkard and womanizer, soon followed. In the rowdy drunkenness of the former King's funeral celebrations, the prince fell to the empire's disenfranchised. Hobgoblins and bullywug, taught to hate each other, ganged up on the giants at Arnogrygg, taking the city. The victors held the place for many decades, turning it into a respectable town.

As the Khazarkar Empire pushed west across Cinazan, Arnogrygg was put on the list of targets. The plan was to reduce a settlement ill-placed. In 1390, Arnogrygg fell to the Khazarkar legions of the Batthur√Ęk. Under the Khazarkars it became a military base. When the city of Aphal√™ took control over the area's security, Arnogrygg was abandoned. This abandonment sealed the Treaty of N'nathil, bringing peace between the fey of N'nathil and the Khazarkar Empire.

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