Kazrâ Throa Sveid

Kazrâ - Darmaer
AliasThroa Sveid

In the Horgon Era, this area was claimed by the kingdom of Hofthorm. Named Throa Sveid, it was then a great bay surrounded by towering cliffs. The nooks, caves, and ledges of these cliffs served as the nests of all manner of birds. The people of Hofthorm considered some of the eggs and birds here to be delicacies. The great ruin of Arnogrygg was for a time a hunting lodge, then a great farm, raising fowl and managing the area's game.

In the First Epoch, as a result of war, the Nermanis Sea receded. The bay and its marshy shores dried up, becoming a windswept desert. Over the last millennia, the Windows of Talos, coming in from the north, turned the dry seabed into a desert of fine sand.

The area was once home to the Bullywug. They lived along the marshy shores far below the bird's nests. When the Nermanis drained away, seemingly on instinct, many dug deep holes, entering a state of deep hibernation. Based on Nermanean records, nearly two thousand Bullywug sleep in the sands of Throa Sveid.

Like many other areas of Cinazan, when the Khazarkar Empire came, this area was renamed Kazrâ. Just north of the ruins of Arnogrygg, the area's cliffs peak at 10,000' above the desert below. They are at their lowest at Aphalê. In this Khazarkar city, the upper terraces overlook a 4200' drop to the desert below. From these terraces, when the winds are calm, one can see the military camps where driks are raised for war. Living siege engines, most of these beasts end up in the Athirbêni.

One of Kazrâ's more dangerous foes are the Sadar-Nizar. Descendants of those brought in from Athurrâm, when not pressed into Khazarkar military service, they roam free and wild.

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