Area12,600 sq miles

When the Nermanis Sea receded and then disappeared, thousands upon thousands of Kazrâ's bullywug dug holes and went into hibernation. Kazrâ went from being a humid wetland to being a hot and arid desert - possibly entombing the area's bullywug for all eternity. In the Cinazan Front, one Athirbêni general came up with a plan for digging them up and transporting them to Gimirkazân where they would come out of their sleep and then be pressed into military service. This never came to fruition with the rapid advance of the Horde of Chaos which put Kazrâ far behind enemy lines.

Kazrâ is on the southeastern edge of the Core Sea. This desert is ringed by the peaks of Tanâs-Bânar. In the southwestern corner of Kazrâ is the coastal city Aphalê.

Some people eke out an existence in the arid land. There are Khazarkar military bases on the edges solely for raising driks for the Athirbêni. The most dangerous predators of the desert are tribes of scorpionfolk. When they are not pressed into Khazarkar military service, they roam free and wild.

During the Horgon Era and into the early part of the First Epoch, Kazrâ was ruled by the Titan Empire of Hofthorm. They maintained control over Kazrâ from Arnogrygg.

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