RegionCinazan, Ice Cap
MapTulerran River

Tulerran starts at the southwestern edge of an enormous glacial region called Ice Cap. The glacial melt of Arbhun forms the head of this river. In the Aettein area, the river has an azure color, which is a product of the magic laced blue ice common across Ice Cap.

Tulerran is a cold and fast-moving river that ranges in width from several hundred feet to one mile. It is one of the major feeder rivers emptying into the Core Sea. Tulerran runs near parallel to Eldorien, though where Tulerran flows south into the Core Sea, its opposite flows north to Nautrek.

The glaciers of Ice Cap begin far east near the Cube of Arcane. Since the glacial formation, they have expanded westward. They melt on the fringes as they brush up against the temperate lands of Cinazan and Aettein. One of these rivers has an unusual flow, and that is the Tulerran. It drains south from Arbhun, then onward to the Core Sea. Here the currents of this inland sea pull east and north. Some of the azure waters make it as far as the eastern exit, which is the start of the great river Avalnin√Ęth, but most is drawn north, which is the start of the Eldorien and its journey to Nautrek.

- Ghan-Labad, Khazarkar geologist of the Nariedan Institute - "Cap Flow Theory"

The spring melt of the glaciers of the Ice Cap is called the Ice Cap Melt. It leads to the flooding of the Tulerran.