RegionDechôz, Weretopia
MapMurk River

Murk is a dark, deep, and slowing moving body of water. Numerous tributaries feed into this great river. The source of the Murk is the glaciers and snow covered peaks of the southeastern tracts of Elephant Backbone. After descending these great peaks, the water forms streams and rivulets that end up in the Murk. This great river snakes across Weretopia and then south through the wilds of Straiden.

In areas of eastern Weretopia, the Murk is the hunting ground for packs of werewolves. They hide along areas of the river for prey and sometimes swim across and hunt the humanoids of Pipe Home. Many of these werewolves have some allegiance to the rule of Kudyast.

The dangers of the Murk are not just along its shores. There are sirines, green hags, other predatory denizens lurking in its murky depths. The most dangerous predators of the river are dread linnorms. Outside of Regadnîn, these two-headed dragons are perhaps the mightiest creatures of the region.