RegionLands of Purity
Class18th arrikhan / 8th rogue
TitleLeader of the Blood Arrows
Alignmentneutral evil
Born27 Lunar 1398
Died5 Bloom 1533

Silithev-Ite earned his knighthood under the a knightly order called the Black Wings. When this order was destroyed by the Lances of Merioss he turned to brigandage.

Silithev-Ite was the leader of powerful group of villains called the Blood Arrows. This marauding band of elves quickly became outlaws in the Sylvan Kingdoms. They were slavers when it was profitable. Since slavery has been banned in the Lands of Purity for centuries, their buyers were entirely from the Northern Hordelands.

The Blood Arrows allied with the Sanguine Whispers for a short time to combat the menace of Garn and his garrison at Ebonstar. A decade later, they betrayed them. The Blood Arrows were instrumental in the downfall of the Sanguine Whispers at Outpost Prime. These turncoats informed the githyanki of the failed mission of Squad X7E to destroy the Hand of Gith. They also provided intel on the guild's defenses and location.

In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), Silithev-Ite and his Blood Arrows aided Katrana with the capture of Viressur. During the Athenian Crusade (1539 - 1551), the Sanguine Whispers hunted down and slew all of the Blood Arrows, save Silithev-Ite, whom fled to the protection offered by Katrana and the Black Tide of Thasmudyan.

The Blood Arrows are a band of looters and considered almost human-like in their atrocities.

- Ariel Amanaurë, wood elf squad member of Squad X7E

Lady Ariel of Squad X7E was familiar with Silithev-Ite and his Blood Arrows, for it was this nemesis that that brought death to her younger brother Silithev-Ariel. Silithev-Ite's vanity caused him to belief that the young elven lad Silithev-Ariel was a mockery on his name.

This peace-loving philosopher shall suffer under my hand; he mocks my name with his work.

- Silithev-Ite, "The Night of the Murder"

Silithev-Ite visited death upon Lady Ariel's brother in the form of the virulent poison called Scalanar. Thereafter Squad X7E helped bring many of the Blood Arrows to justice.

In battle, Silithev-Ite prefers to pepper foes with his bow Gelugons Bone. In melee he uses a mace called the Star of Destruction. He wears a suit of +4 platemail of shocking bearing the crest of the Black Wings. By way of his armor, and impressive wrestling skills, he enjoys shocking foes to death.

On 5 Bloom 1533, at Viressur, Silithev-Ite met his end at the blades and spells of the Golden Elite.