Tiwa'erra Void Sphere

Typesphere of annihilation

A Tiwa'erra Void Sphere is a sphere of annihilation surrounded by crystallized quintessence. The crystal edge around the sphere of annihilation makes it immobile. As a result it is useless to someone who seeks to will it about and wreck havoc. Taranorn, a Githirmil wild mage, wrote a tome on spheres of annihilation and in particular the usefulness of Tiwa'erra Void Spheres. She said that that nearly anything gets consumed when it touches the sphere's two dimensional ebon plane. When magic items are consumed by a Tiwa'erra Void Sphere, the magic is absorbed into the sphere and whatever item that fell into the void is lost forever. This stored magic can then be used by an enchanter to power other magical items.

The edges of a Tiwa'erra Void Sphere are surrounded by crystallized quintessence. This makes the sphere useless to those who seek to control its movements, but when used to destroy magic items, it traps the magic inside it where it can then be drawn out later and used to aid in the enchantment of other items.

- Taranorn, from her tome - "Ebon Spheres of Nothingness"

Tiwa'erra Void Spheres were produced when Ptah destroyed his floating citadel Tiwa'erra. Less than a dozen of them have been found across the realm. One of the most widely heard about spheres is the one inside of the beholder variant Netharum. This death tyrant eye of the deep uses his Tiwa'erra Void Sphere to empower magic items created at the Valefor Deathworks.