Eye of Garn

Typehand chain
ForgeValefor Deathworks

This piece of jewelry is met to go on the hand, with chains connecting between the finger and linked under and over the hand. On the palm-side of this piece of jewelry is its most fascinating part, a purple and crimson flecked orb. This orb is in fact one of the eyes of Marshall General Garn. In 1480, he was surprised in garrison and destroyed by Squad X7E.

Pit Viper was supposed to be a clandestine mission where we mapped the defenses of Ebonstar and gauged garrison size. This information was then to be passed on to the intelligence wing of some group in the Farinteen Alliance. When we found ourselves near a major leader of the Black Tide, we determined to take our chances and take him out. This was to earn us high regard in the guild for taking advantage of an opportune situation, yet at the same time led to stern rebukes for putting the mission at risk - failing and dying and losing the clandestine information we had gathered.

We took one of Garn's's eyes back to Outpost Prime as evidence of the mission's success. Several years later, Outpost Prime was sacked by the githyanki. A decade later, I was too learn that a githyanki necromancer took claim of the eye and is said to have created a powerful piece of jewelry out of it.

- Teeth, member of Squad X7E, from his half-true novel - "The Squad"

The Forstneblin assassin that killed Lûrë had made it her mission to kill as many githyanki as she could before age or death overtook her. Her hatred of the githyanki stemmed from an attack on Voruner by the Hand of Gith. This attack from the skies resulted in the destruction of her entire neighborhood, and the death of her entire family and many friends.

In 1483, Outpost Prime was captured by the Har'kish. One of the things they plundered from the Sanguine vaults was the eyeball of Garn. A githyanki necromancer by the name of Hashurin used this eyeball as a component in a magic item. When he was done with it, he gave it to his secret lover, the anti-paladin Lûrë. It remained in the possession of Lûrë for three decades. When she was killed by the assassin, contracted by Aldassinen, Lûrë was left to be consumed by the wolves or anything else that came along. This was the last time the Eye of Garn was seen.

Unless otherwise noted, all the powers of the Eye of Garn function as if cast by an 18th lvl caster.

Locking Hand functions as the maug graft locking handcontinuous
Mind Over Matteras the spell animate object1/day
Reveal the Unseenas the spell detect invisibility3/day
Eyes of the Kingas the spell of the same name3/day
Consume Mindgrasping a dying (-1 to -10hps) victim's skull with the Eye of Garn melts the skull and sucks out the victim's brain. The victim can make a Fortitude check (DC20) to resist the attack. If the save fails, there is a chance (1% per HD of the victim) that the wearer of the Eye of Garn permanently gains 1 skill point. Note that the necromantic energies that seep into the consumed brain can be debilitating to the eater. The eater must make a Fortitude check (DC18) to stomach the brain. If they fail the save, the skill point is not acquired. In addition, the wearer must make a Fortitude check (DC20) or suffer 1 point of constitution damage1/day