Last Ralban

Class20th ranger
Alignmentlawful neutral
Born28 Bloom 1413
Died3 Temporal 1479

Last Ralban was a Tragaran that grew up in an orphanage of Elgat√Ęz. He was often teased for his unusual first name. This may have played into him becoming so renown. He had an adventuring career spanning thirty years and though his track record of keeping his comrades alive is not spectacular, his writings have proven of great worth to adventurers. He wrote 22 books on his adventurers with each meticulously covering his successes and mistakes. These books have come to be known as "Ralban's Travels" and are read by those in military academies, by others for sheer entertainment and humor, but most attentively by aspiring and veteran adventurers.

His last book, "Among Pawns", exposes how he was able to keep adventurers coming to him even after stories of death and harrowing expeditions. In this book he says that early in his adventuring career, he was a member of an adventuring group named Cinduk's Chosen. He was a new member of the group and allowed to join mainly for his ranger skills. Cinduk's Chosen were exploring an ancient ruin of Sareon called Gronvakul. This ruin was once the abode of a primordial naga named Rilthang. Cinduks Chosen was nearly wiped out in this ruin. They were assailed by ghost nagas and other supernatural creatures. Last Ralban was the only one to escape, but not without a dire cost. He was cornered by the ghosts and told that he must take with him, and forever wear, a necklace containing the soul of Rilthang. Doing this task, would break the curse on the ruin and allow them to rest and not lead to others becoming ghosts when they died at Gronvakul. This necklace proved to greatly enhance the cunning and charisma of Last Ralban.

My words and charm were like the legends of Rilthang. Lacking in leadership skills, I could convince any otherwise, even when they knew that my expeditions were known for high casualties, they soon forgot this as we talked and got to know each other. There was no shortage of fellow adventurers and when we ran into problems with border patrols or hostile parties, I could talk my way through, but not always so for those with me. If I needed an audience with a king or some satrap, so as to investigate some imperial tomb, then I bent their will with the words, though my own, were no doubt coming from Rilthang.

- Last Ralban, excerpt from the book - "Among Pawns"

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