RegionNorthern Hordelands, High Wood Country, Troll Bogs

Tarag-Khâlu is a long bay cutting across the Troll Bogs to the edge of the Northern Hordelands. Going west, the bay joins with the Nielalroch Ocean. From the east, the bay is fed by great waterfalls coming down from Orukhan. Elsewhere, the coasts are dotted with inlets and coves, pirate bases, fishing villages and holds of the Tarag-Khâlu Enclave.

Tarag-Khâlu has been a place of pirates and raiders since the founding of Dafrlami. Back then the pirates were eldritch giants preying on the riches coming and going from their kindred at Dafrlami and other smaller ports.

In the First Epoch, the founding of places like Nápoldë, Tallsard, and Klord revived Tarag-Khâlu's glory days of pirating. The bay's pirate population and activities only increased in the Second Epoch with the founding of Tragaran cities along the Saber Coast.

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