RegionNorthern Hordelands, Troll Bogs

Tarag-Khâlu is a great bay sited in the northern reaches of the Troll Bogs and cutting edge into the western edge of the Northern Hordelands. The bay flows west into Nielalroch. At the bay's mouth, on some days sailors can see the mystical isle of Arcana.

The bay has long been the approach by those seeking to plunder the riches of this fabled island. On the opposite end of the bay where it enters sector Skycius, is the looming cliff wall Tholmgerd. From these walls, waters of Orukhan and Radullu cascade from dizzying heights where they join with Tarag-Khâlu. In addition to this great volume of entering the bay, there are the many freshwater streams, rivers, and waterfalls draining off the highlands going into the Clans region. On the opposite shores are the channels coming from the dreary wetlands of sector Ara'phis of the Troll Bogs.

Tarag-Khâlu has the highest number of waterfalls of any area of Midrêth, numbering in the thousands. All the water flowing into Tarag-Khâlu has created many inlets. As the area has never been adequately claimed by anyone, it grew to be a haven for pirates, brigands, buccaneers and their ilk. They have built harbors in hundreds of areas and built up fortifications along the coasts and into the interior that serve more to delay and harry than put up a long defense.

A war with the Tarag-Khâlu Enclave is a costly affair. You can raise their forts and burn the outer settlements but by the time you have reached the coastal dominances the pirates have put to sea or shifted to the other side of the bay. As long as they are organized against a common threat and have control of the bay, the Enclave will outlast you and slowly drain out your treasury.

- Akgandûl, military historian of Numakkhalgu Multarax - "Enclave Strategy"

In addition to the threat of pirate attack, the areas other top predators are sea drakes which come to the bay in the winter months to give birth. It is during this time that the brave hunt them for the glory of doing so or have it their last voyage out.

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