Harbinger of Chaos

Alignmentchaotic neutral
Died9 Witchrite 1832

The Harbinger of Chaos is a primordial raptor, a Vikaron. For three centuries of the Lith-Crillion Era, it was Cinazan's apex predator. It nested in the Kernsking Koils where it proved to be a constant problem for Gunrskolf's storm and cloud giants. In 851 LE, for five months, the Harbinger of Chaos preyed upon pilgrims coming to the Talos temple Ottaki. It then got bold, attacking the temple where it was driven off. Thereafter it toned down its hostility for almost a century. This would become a pattern, with periods of it running amok before some group calmed the beast by either wounding it enough to drive it off, but never truly defeated it.

In the First Battle of InĂ´r, the Harbinger of Chaos attacked the Pillar of Horns. It was killed on this ship by Rax and many other crew members.

The tawny feathered raptor outstretched its great wings, a span ninety feet across. It showed a dazzling underside that sparked and glittered with a kaleidoscope of color. From the nearest ribcage to Ribcage Bravo on the other side of the ship, nearly all were affected by what they saw, some mesmerized with awe, some stricken with blind terror, and others sent into a maddening rage where allies were seen as foes.

- Galathrel, aboard the Pillar of Horns - "Entry 1D: 9 Witchrite 1832"

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