Grimrock Kigorarg

Class17th battle priest / 5th illrigger
TitleAdmiral, Council Member of Crimson Eye, Inc.
Alignmentlawful evil
Born3 Artifice 1763
Died19 Bloom 1821

Grimrock Kigorarg was a priest of Gruumsh and former soldier of Fograth. He was busted down from impaler to trooper after he killed an officer in a "friendly fire" incident. He was then sent to Penal Battalion 321. This battalion is comprised of former soldiers of the Fograth that have been incarcerated for various reasons such as stealing, drinking, murder, insubordination, and so on.

Penal Battalion 321 is a unit of prisoners led by prisoners. We had the highest death rate, and one the highest kill rates of the battles of Hungrur and surrounding areas. We fought the Bloodbeards and then wore their stained beards as medallions.

- Grimrock, excerpt from "Prisoner to Admiral"

In this unit, Grimrock met Niras, Nox, Drog, and Junkel. At the end of their service, they turned to adventuring, forming a party of adventurers that would go on to form Crimson Eye, Inc.

In this organization, Grimrock became one of the council leaders of the company. In 1798, Grimrock aided in bringing down the Jara Khan Steel Monger. In 1800, Crimson Eye cleaned out the alien infestation of Citho-Cûr. The numbers of cannons and void craft recovered from this place made Crimson Eye renown across the realm. It also led to enormous advancements in voidship technology for the Orchish Empire.

When not adventuring he headed the air wing of Crimson Eye's army. Grimrock's skills in astrogation and voidship engineering led to many speaking engagements across Midrêth. He was warned on many occasions by the Batanullêth to stop these talks with other empires and powers of the realm.

In 1821, Grimrock spoke at the Stellar Debates, Meeting 902. On the journey home, Grimrock and all aboard Gruumsh Avenger were killed when they were intercepted above the towering jungle of Kamoni. No less than a dozen Tyrant Orbs emblazoned with the banner of Abhômaipeth, were waiting for the Gruumsh Avenger, the surprise was complete and they seemed to know where best to strike this particular ship.

They knew his flight path and the vulnerabilities of the Gruumsh Avenger. This is the work of the Batanullêth. They worked with the Court of One Hundred Eyes, passed information to the Abhômaipeth. A hero of the empire has been assassinated, a council leader has been murdered. It is time to let the empire know our reach. On the morrow, I will contact Drog'paagol and let him know that we are interested in his plan.

- Niras Reev'f, of Crimson Eye, internal memo - "Crimson Eye Deliberations, Meeting 314"

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