Osyluth Scythe

CategorySharp Sticks

The Osyluth Scythe is an ancient weapon created in the Demon Spawn War by an osyluth demon smith. It was meant to be a gift for his master, the demon prince Athroond, but after being slighted by him the smith hid the item in one of Manduggiss's jungle swamps. The demon smith was killed in an engagement with fey rangers under the banner of Silvanus, resulting in the loss of the only person knowing the hiding place of his best piece of workmanship.

In the First Epoch, gnolls of Zyrath found this Osyluth Scythe. It is said they were lucky, discovering it after a long hard drought that dried out the land. There are stories among Zyrath's gnolls that claim it was the will of Yeenoghu that led them to the item. The Osyluth Scythe did not remain long anyone's hands, for only the strongest and most cunning could fight off those seeking it out. Gaufthaur Drugnod, founder of the Drugnod Empire, wielded it longer than anyone else. She had it for two decades, with its most storied use when it was used to entomb the great wizard Foropode in an Ice Prison.

The Osyluth Scythe is a +3 icy burst scythe. The weapon is cold to the touch, so much so that anyone not wearing gloves and susceptible to cold will get frostbite from holding it.

Icy Burst as Icy Burst special abilitycontinuous
Ice PrisonWhen struck, the victim must make a Fortitude DC20 + charisma bonus of wielder or be imprisoned in a block of ice where they will perish of natural causes (thirst, starvation) if not freed. The victim can take no action while frozen. The ice block has a hardness of 10 and 400 hit points. It is immune to normal fire and heat, but doubly susceptible to magical fire.1/day
Freeze Water Freeze water at the rate of two cubic feet per level - this causes damage equal to 2d6 per level of the wielder if used against a creature composed entirely of water - water elemental, water weird, etc.2/day
Osyluth Protection+3 natural AC bonus, resist cold 20continuous