In the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE), the demon lord Athroond came to power on this world. He defeated the primordials holding it, thereby claiming it as his own. Like the others demon lords of the Abyssal Hegemony, he wanted more. In the Demon Spawn War, his armies used the Arioch Cloud to attack Bal-Kriav's sector Ufthag. When the Covenant commander Marindecar activated the Timepiece of Chronos it frozen those around it in time. Its effects were like temporal stasis, except permanent. This dilation of the time continuum spilled back through the rift to Arioch, freezing Athroond and the entire world around him. Today, everything on this world is frozen in time. Assuming you don't want to get stuck in time, Arioch is unreachable by most. Only those able to wade through the magical effects of time, like time elementals or Chronos, visit this time frozen world.

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