Great Betrayal

PeriodYear 9343 GE

In the God Era, Lukoon became a minor Creationist. One of his first acts of creation was the Tragaran race. He created them to serve as his own personal army, battling the demons invading Bal-Kriav in the Demon Spawn War. In 9343 GE, Lukoon's Krotoan army was duped into thinking they were following their master's orders, yet at the time Lukoon was imprisoned at Barhaz Halarax. The person impersonating Lukoon, was The Chameleon, better known in ancient lore as Rilthang. She turned Lukoon's army against Silvanus troops stationed at Caralda. The surprise attack by a former ally was a total surprise, resulting in the death of 10% of a 7,000 strong fey army. This act came to be known as the Great Betrayal. The reasons for choosing this name vary depending on who you are speaking with. The clergy of Lukoon will tell you that the Tragarans betrayed Lukoon by unquestionably following the orders of The Chameleon. Others say the name came from Lukoon's abandonment of the Tragarans to the wilds of the Gurutharni Swamp.

Another ancient Tragaran legend, this one of the Lith-Crillion Era, says that Lukoon would redeem them for the Great Betrayal, but only if they defeated the demons of Varelay. The Varelay Upheaval (2608 LE - 16 HE) made this goal impossible, since they had to choose between joining the ranks of Blibdoolpoolp or making it with nothing but what was on their backs in a land wracked with exploding volcanoes, changing water-levels, and demons running amok in their own civil war. A couple hundred pledged themselves to Blibdoolpoolp, descending with their city into the deeps of Tiyaphis. For those that went to live in the Underdark, the name Lukoon was forgotten. Pledged themselves to Blibdoolpoolp, they were transformed into kuo-toans. Those that remained on the surface, migrated south and then east into Gulimbor.

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