Baruzundam - Gunaegail

Founded4 Hollow 1068

Two years after winning the First Bughor War (1160 - 1166), the Kingdom of Rethmorg moved to secure their war loot. This was lands that would give them direct access to the trade lanes of the Erethor Sea. The settlement of Baruzundam was founded where the southern tip of the Gelakgizal mountains join with what the dragons of ancient times named Klo'nah Lomok, or Sandfury Bay. The settlement's location was not a favorable one for building or using as a port. The water was shallow, parts frequently getting filled in by the tides and alluvial winds coming off the Sands of Hell. The city-state of Bughor, the other side of the treaty that ended the First Bughor War, assumed the area could never be a port. They gladly turned it over to Rethmorg in lieu of Khuzanbal's western side near the Es'yah River.

It took decades to turn the area into a deep water port. Channels were dredged, and the river that used to flow south on the other side of the channel was redirected with great stone and mithril reinforced walls. This was then expanded upon in later centuries, turning it into a system where the river's flow is used to naturally dredge the harbor.

The success of Baruzundam led to Rethmorg's ability to bypass the stiff tolls of the Es'yah river, territory of the Bughor.

As time passed, they grew unhappy with the progress at Baruzundam. The Toomrur of Bughor, seemingly crude, are a people of deep traditions and history. A breed of ogres, they consider themselves an advancement upon the race, the second generation, engineered for a purpose like the Khazarkar. The success of Baruzundam, a strategic port, a growing commercial powerhouse, led to blaming their ancestors for the deal they made with Rethmorg. A deal they were no doubt diplomatically outsmarted. Bughor kept the western side of the Khuzanbal, near the river, and Rethmorg took the other side overlooking Klo'nah Lomok

- from the Tales of the Es'yah, by the sirine Hoarothe

Three more Bughor Wars would be fought to reclaim Khuzanbal, and most importantly, take hold of Baruzundam. By the 1600s, never fallen, Baruzundam security led to a long peace between the Rethmorg and the Toomrur city-states that became the Toomrur Hegemony.

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