Lahvirn Piiv Legion Pit

RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasLegion Pit
CapitalDiiv Revakaad
DeitiesGeb, Kurtulmak, Tiamat, Tarâk
EnemiesAg Envok, Zomaar Yelvaad
FounderDragon Lord Melfase
Established3 Lunar 895
Hiznaar GozKrein Jusk

In 865, the Dragon Lord Melfase became military governor of the ancient Kriistvrii city Diiv Revakaad. A year later, Melfase took his people to war with a nearby city-state named Sahqo Nah. This conflict lasted thirty years. The tens of thousands of dead resulted in this becoming a war of mercenary armies. Diiv Revakaad got many of their mercs from the north and east, while their opposites pulled theirs from the south and west. One of the reasons for the conflict was that Melfase was unhappy with the "too friendly" relations between Sahqo Nah and the west - particularly the Ag Envok. In 895, shortly after the defeat of Sahqo forces, and the annexation of Sahqo Nah, the empire Lahvirn Piiv was established. Dragon Lord Melfase became its first military leader.

Most of Lahvirn Piiv's holdings are sited in the flat, high grass plains of Angaar Veydo. Ever since Diiv Revakaad's founding in the God Era, the settlements of this area have had to deal with aerial attacks. As a result, the Kriistvrii dug into the ground, building vast subterranean living areas. Another reason though was that under the grassy plains of Angaar Veydo were long rich ore seams, iron and copper around Diiv Revakaad and platinum and gemstones around Sahqo Nah.

The underground building of Lahvirn Piiv's cities and structures involved the digging of great pits, resembling sink-holes, with fortifications ringing the perimeter and buildings and other structures lining the slopes. Vast labyrinths with massive halls, resembling streets were tunneled beneath and around these pits. These halls connect the many sectors of the towns and cities. Each sector is protected so that if one is overrun by enemies, others may continue the fight.

A vast complex of tunnels, mazes, and caverns lie beneath the surface areas of this empire. Most areas are connected and patrolled frequently. Melfase favors the defense, underground fortifications greatly enhance these measures. A small unit has proven that in the tight corridors of underground bastions, they can often delay or hold off invaders for a lengthy period of time, and then escape and regroup after passing through secret passages.

Underneath, Lahvirn Piiv's largest trading partner, and sometimes ally, is the Svirfneblin empire of Qya-Qhar.

The western border of this empire stretches from the Sosin Luv to Elkroz Vah. They control territory to the edges of Por Trumgol.

The people of Lahvirn Piiv are generally referred to as the Piiv.

Civilization Tree
Diiv Revakaad
Sahqo Nah
Lahvirn Piiv