War of Kesk Lein

dragon armies on the march
Period1531 - 1534
TheaterAerie of Dragons
Ag Envok
VS Lahvirn Piiv
MapHiznaar Goz

In 1531, Goth-Dyvermoir formed a military pact with Ag Envok.

Ag Envok started this war with the intent of annexing the territories of Lahvirn Piiv. By the Year 1532, the opposing forces were fighting along ten miles of trenches around Kesk Lein. Over the battlefields, dragon and other aerial beasts fought and engulfed the trenches with fire, gas, frost and lightning. Both sides used gas attacks by way of catapulting or giants hurling methane pods and hydrogen pods into opposing lines. The Lahvirn Piiv, with the help of mercenaries out of Lum Trumgol Mir, used diseases to debilitate the troops of Ag Envok. The Piiv, masters at mining and tunneling, had long beforehand built a vast network of underground chambers and tunnels and then tunneled under and behind the trenches of Ag Envok. They used these to undermine the enemy trenches and cave them into deep water-filled sink-holes. They were also used to get behind the enemy trenches and attack them from the rear and flanks.

While their ally Ag Envok were fighting in the north, Goth-Dyvermoir troops were transported from Ma'Ohari by way of Grimsuvelth Trawlers out of Oathundor. Goth-Dyvermoir opened another front against Lahvirn Piiv in the area of Elkroz Vah. In 1533, Goth-Dyvermoir captured Vorthad. A year later, the belligerents agreed to a peace with only the significant territorial loss being the hand-over of Elkroz Vah and Vorthad to Goth-Dyvermoir.