Thor Har Thjoryggs Slit

AliasThjoryggs Slit

This fjord stretches from Selûn into Tezi Rîna's central valley. The river Mêzel flows northward along this mountain cut. There are hundreds of chambers and massive caves along this passage. In some of these are shipyards, supply depots, and living areas. Those near the north are controlled by Ivory Asylum.

One of the most well-known of the area's shipyards is Thorothjar. For a time in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), this place served as a primordial base for forces operating under a storm titan named Thjorygg. Today, Thorothjar is owned by the Ilôthawar. In Thorothjar's ancient quays, they build Phamilgûn class submersibles.

Notable Areas
  • Thorothjar