Tyermur is a marshland north of the Trudnar mountains. It is bordered to the east by the Glumgard river and the to the west by the Nárfaltuin forest. Tyermur is a dire place with unhallowed ground, dead-magic zones, and numerous undead. The eerie silence of the place is occasionally broken by storms of howling winds. It is said these winds, the Dream Howling, are the wails of thousands of elves killed in the sacking of Lorthrindal's capital city.

Deep in the tall grasses of the marsh is an ancient ruin. Long ago, this place served as a blood sacrifice church to Orcus. Within this dreadful place called Orcus Grin is said to be rift of negative energy, making the undead in the area numerous and quite strong.

In 1834, the Battle of Tyermur was fought here. This battle was one of the conflicts that made up the Lich Front. In this terrible battle, elves, Tragarans, hobgoblins and undead fell in the thousands. Many of the bodies were never recovered. They were trampled, crushed, and pressed into the marshes by friend and foe. Many more were lost in quicksand, bogs, or taken by monsters. As a result of these horrid events, evil magic, and agonizing deaths, the middle areas of Tyermur are haunted with spirits and ghosts.

Notable Areas
Creatures born in Tyermur or living here for more than a year gain willing deformity.