Pyramid of the Setarchs

Locationeastern cities of the Khazakar Empire
Builtvaries by Setarch

During the reign of a Setarch, the Khazakar Empire begins constructing a burial pyramid for them. The pyramids are collectively called the Pyramids of the Setarchs. The individual pyramids are named after the Setarch entombed in it.

Each of the Pyramids of the Setarchs are equal in size and grandeur to a Pyramid of Power. This is no accident, as many Khazarkars believe they are of the same bloodline as the Lith-Crillion race. In addition to serving as tombs, many of these grandiose structures serve other functions, government offices, church and shrine sites, and barracks.

The type of stone used in the pyramids varies by century with the last two centuries of pyramids built from the blue and white striated marble found across Idgri.

Pyramid Locations
Pyramid of AbattâdasNibar-PharânBazar Abattâdas
Pyramid of AphallanâthBandunazânHâlê Aphallanâth
Pyramid of AvalninâthNibar-PharânRônal Avalninâth
Pyramid of BenâthBalmolochGinal Benâth
Pyramid of Hama-UlmarNibar-PharânPhêrî Hama-Ulmar
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