Mhornar Skree Dirt Barge

CategorySeam Barges
ClassSeam Barge

In the First Epoch, a Lith-Crillion research vessel came ashore near the God Anvil Launch. It was a ghost ship. It was studied at Khulbarazâr, then reverse engineered. From this came a class of ships called the Mhornar Skree; Dwarven for Dirt Barge. They are powered by shadow magic engines. Some describe this magic as tricking the Earth Seam into thinking the vessel is Earthen, or part of the Earth Seam. This allows the crew to pilot the ship along the Earth Seam, up and down the river. Before the advent of these ships, only Earthen could move against the river's current. For thousands of years, they took advantage of this, charging tolls for those who sought to travel up the Earth Seam.

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