CategoryArtifacts, Swords
ForgeJolmgar Crater Forge

Oblivion is an ancient greatsword forged from chaos-tainted metals found in the far reaches of Chaos. These are held together by warp matter. It was crafted in the Lith-Crillion Era by a legendary cyclops named Taurlundrex. After he forged this weapon, he returned it to a customer named Asoun. This brilliant primordial then used mechanical devices to enchant the weapon. He also melded an entropy fragment into the blade which was done in such a way that it did not affect the integrity of Taurlundrex's work. Asoun has asked if Taurlundrex could make it part of the weapon in his forging, but the cyclops refused to touch the strange looking substance. Asoun invented a process to meld one material into another without damaging either.

This sentient weapons seeks to thwart law, destroy lawful institutions, and kill lawful creatures. It is a weapon of pure chaos and shows this in its features, as the blade constantly changes shape and color, but underneath all this it is a +7 greatsword. One of the most dangerous powers of the weapon is its warp touch. The second potent feature of the weapon is Chaos Damage power. Every round, this damage changes to a different type - acid, sonic, fire, cold, positive, negative, force, or chaotic energy.

Oblivion is currently in possession of a black slaad named Ushgergoon. The properties and powers of this item are currently unknown.

In the canyon, Ushgergoon waded into the midst of the jara horde, and struck down three and four jara with every swing. The enemies bodies broke apart into bits of earth, wisps of fire, droplets of water, and eddies of mini-whirlwinds. The enemy that did reach Ushgergoon and manage to strike him, had not the power or weapons to pierce his scaly black skin. Our master, the great lord of Neeth-Theen, could have single-handedly taken down all of the jara. The only thing that stopped him was exhaustion and boredom with the fight.

- Sabock Nurngar, Chronicler of Neeth-Theen - "Ushgergoon Rampage"