Wyzbrack canal

Wyzbrack is an Underdark swamp located in southern corner of Khelan. It is an eerie place lit in areas by phosphorescent fungi and by varied colored globes of permanent light. These globes were brought here by the myconids which once thrived in the area before the coming of the kuo-toans. Late in the God Era, myconids collected these gelatinous globes of radiance from the ruin Crulock. Up until that time, no other creature had survived exploration of the disease infested ruin. The diseases of this place are as virulent today as when they were created in the Dawn Era by a primordial feared even by his own kind. The gelatinous globes, called Crulock Globes by most, are sources of Nature Energy that make plant-life grow faster, larger, and richer in whatever they may produce. It is said that the primordial Mephirouth, once master of Crulock, made the Crulock Globes solely for creating an expansive fungal garden; one that grew under the globe's emanations and fertilized by those that died of his diseases. Unlike the myconids, who seemingly worshiped them as gifts from the gods, the kuo-toa that came after them never messed with these globes; seeing that rumors passed down over the ages had them created by a being that even Blibdoolpoolp feared.

When the city-state Dilkuglapgon came to power, they lay claim to all of the swamp. A century previous to this settlement's founding, the myconids that were once so populous here, had all been slain or driven out. Initially, the kuo-toa tried to make slaves of them, but then some of the myconids were found to be hosts for diseases that soon caused the kuo-toans to succumb to agonizing deaths of the likes not seen since the time of Mephirouth.

Wyzbrack has vibrant vegetation in its waters and along canal banks. The myconids built a maze of canals to drain areas and move the water around to their fields. These canals are now used by the kuo-toa, but even they fear going too far into them. Many of them, unless insane or wise in getting around, fear being lost in the maze of waterways or being caught by those things in the swamp much larger and meaner than them.

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