red dragon, predator of Steirgar
RegionCinazan, Ice Cap
Steirgar Mountains Harknori Reach

Steirgar is an oval mountain range that stretches from western Cinazan into Aettein. These towering mountains hold five volcanoes, numerous gas vents, boiling lakes, and other geothermal activity. The area between these mountains is a vast basin called Borngring.

The place is very dangerous, with frequent volcanic eruptions, tremors and like geological activity. The denizens of these highlands are a fearsome lot. There are mountain giants, fire giants, packs of hell hounds, fire trolls, and the occasional red dragon soaring the thermals.

During the Horgon Era and into the early part of the First Epoch, the highlands and all areas within and far beneath, were ruled by the Titan monarchy of Hofthorm (145 HE - 101). When this empire crumbled, it was broken into territories under rival fire giant kingdoms; the Hlimi Kingdoms.