red dragon of Steirgar
RegionCinazan, Ice Cap
Steirgar Mountains Harknori Reach

The Steirgar mountains are soot stained peaks stretching from the edge of the Core Sea to the glacial streams of Aettein. Oval in shape, they encase a basin cut by ridges, dotted by five volcanoes, countless gas vents, hundreds of boiling pools, an eerie deep lake, and a host of fiery brutes.

In addition to fire giants, hell hounds, fire trolls, and the lairs of red dragons, Steirgar is home to many other peoples, Kobold, Orc, Firenewt and Khazarkar. The latter are ex-pats of the Khazarkar Empire.

During the Horgon Era and into the early part of the First Epoch, the highlands and all areas within and far beneath, were ruled by the Titan monarchy of Hofthorm (145 HE - 101). When this empire crumbled, its territory became the lands of petty states called the Hlimi Kingdoms.