Zarag-Gûn - Greroch


Zarag-Gûn is a large and high cavern south of Sigan-Kûn. In the Onyx Enmity War (915 - 920), this area was flooded by the draining of the Nermanis Sea. This wiped out the Mîmêk city-state Sigatharkin, along with other places as the sea drained into this cavern and then to lower depths. One story of this affair says the Mîmêk miscalculated the demolition, causing the ceiling to give way all the way to the surface - the sea floor of the Nermanis Sea. The hole then rapidly expanded, nearly exterminating the belligerents fighting below. It took decades for the water to drain. Sigan-Kûn was greatly widened from waters plunging downward, carving out a canyon called Nûrmakh. The hole in the cavern ceiling, where it all started is called Avardâk.

Notable Areas