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In the Creation War, this area became the home of brass dragons that retired from the war effort. They helped the Covenant when they had to, but otherwise tried to stay neutral to the business for the last two centuries of the conflict. In the Demon Spawn War, they were pressed by Demogorgon's armies which sought to use the Dargith river for an upriver advance into Grashakh. It was during these hard times that they came up with a way of supplementing their small numbers with magical beasts. The most numerous of these were the dragonnes.

The name Ripper was given to the area because of the flesh-stripping sands that commonly blow across a thirty miles stretch of the river where on the east side is the Sands of Hell and the other is a breach in the Trudnar mountains leading into Agulbandal. When Surtur created the Vaermund volcano, the breach acted like a suction, drawing in the cool air from the Sands of Hell, feeding the fires raging across Agulbandal.

Thousands of years later, Ripper is still home to dozens of brass dragons and thousands of dragonnes that range across a vast area. The winds of Ripper are not as bad as they once were, yet boats passing through this area still need to be armored and the decks cleared, portholes closed.