Rimac-Malc is a towering ice wall that runs from head of the bay Pharminul to the eastern edges of the Ice Cap and then all the way north where it slopes down to the icy sea Nautrek. The ice wall is two to four thousand feet high and streaked with the same bluish ice found across the Ice Cap region. The slow melting of this wall and temperature variation of the waters touching it is one of the reason for the perpetual fog blanketing Pharminul and Sahurrigath. The ice of the area is so deep that it has buried much of the southeastern stretch of Netheram.

Rimac-Malc is at the head of bands of magical emanations seeping west from the Cube of Arcane. Rimac-Malc, like the rest of Ice Cap, and areas like Nautrek and Gludragh, are all a product of these powerful magical emanations. If it were not for the Cube of Arcane, the ice and snow that make up some of these areas would not exist at this latitude.

Notable Areas